Weather and things

We can see sunshine! 
And with sunshine, hopefully the snow will begin to melt. This March is the 2nd snowiest and 3rd coldest on record, and they indicated likely overall the worst March since records began in Nova Scotia (to put it in perspective, we get around 208cm of snow in the average winter, this year we got 400cm, and half of it came in March alone!!!).
At present we have over 2 feet of snow on the field. We're waiting/hoping/praying that the snow melts quickly, so we can conclude the safety work (ground clearing, bunker inspection, etc) that we require before we can let our customers loose. If we can't see that it's safe, we can't let you play.


We've heard rumors there may be spring in the not so distant future. We are currently still closed while we ride out the last of this memorable winter, we thank you for your patience and we're looking forward to another great season with you on the field! We hope that with a little co-operation from Mother Nature we'll be open for the season in the next 10-14 days (the weekend of April 12/13th). 

Until then, stay warm folks!

Dreaming of sunshine,

- Splatz


Spring is almost here (Finally!) and we're looking forward to being open and seeing everyone out again this year. We're going to be a few weeks yet as we're still near knee deep in snow in most spots on the field, but as soon as the ground has cleared up and we can do our spring sweep, we'll be posting an opening date for the 2014 season!

See you on the field!