2015 is underway!

Hey folks, 

A bit later then normal with our field update. Things are busy!!! With the late start to the season, we like all other fields, have been scrambling to get all our maintenance and repair work done ahead of our booking season. Thankfully, that is all behind us now and we are booking ahead into the coming weeks & months. The season has started off very strong and it has been an absolute pleasure to see so many familiar faces, as well as all the new players we've met this year as well!

About Splatz Paintball

Splatz Paintball was founded in June 2004 to provide residents of Pictou County and beyond an enjoyable and safe paintball experience. Over the past eight seasons Splatz has provided a safe, welcoming environment for players, both new and old to enjoy the game of paintball in a recreational manner. Expansion of our services and playing fields was a guiding principal in the early days of Splatz, and continues to remain the main focus of the business.